Are you Ready?


Eclectic is awesome.  Until it’s chaos, expensive and fruitless.  Momentum without vision, a plan and consistency can easily turn a dream into a train wreck.  Ultimately, the dopamine-driven approach just doesn’t work.  There is a better way.

Whether your goal is to find more fulfillment in your life, land your dream job, or create your dream job, the actualization of your goal starts and ends in you.  You can work your ass off for other people, your boss, your family, your community and find that nothing is ever quite enough.  Not because their expectations are too high, but because your effort doesn’t match your vision.  In fact, you’ve probably been blind to yourself all along.  

Seeing ourselves accurately enough to attain rather than chase our dreams requires a level of honesty that many find untenable.  It is WAY easier to seek validation, someone or something to co-sign our discontentment than to face the reality that our own choices got us where we are and are the only thing that will get us anywhere else.  This is not opinion, not theory, it is a basic fact of adult life.  

If you are ready to make a different choice, about yourself, your job, your business, your life. . . I can help you find that path.


Integrated Business Development

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I’m Jeff. I’m a business perspectivist.