Comprehensive Website Solutions, Business Consulting & Project Management

Complete Solutions for Web Design and Digital Marketing

Complete website solutions are equal parts marketing, visual design and technology.  Additionally, websites don’t exist in a vacuum (they are called WEBsites for a reason.) In most cases, a business website is part of a wide spread digital media portfolio that may include social media, search marketing campaigns, directory listings, intranets, extranets and more.

Web Services Project Components

Web services project may include the following components:

  • Web Server Administration

  • Website Design/Redesign

  • Website Migration

  • Website Maintenance/Backup

  • Web/Social Content Management

  • Search Engine Optimization (On-Page, Off-Page)

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Google Analytics (certified) Monitoring & Reporting

  • Social Media Integration, Branding, Advertising

  • Custom WordPress Development

  • Website Auditing

  • WordPress Training


WordPress is responsible for the development of more websites on the internet than any other platform ever in the history of web design.  There is a reason.  It’s the best.  It cuts time and cost to a fraction of the previous requirements.  It also provides the most dynamic range of design and functionality options and the most freedom to choose how to manage the site.  These are facts, not opinions.  Additionally, the WordPress platform is available for FREE, maintained by a vast community of developers that are constantly working to keep the platform updated, highly functional and secure.  There is no other platform with this level of support.  Finally, JMMCO has a team of renowned WordPress development experts available to meet even the craziest requests for custom development.

For these reasons, 95% or more of the website design and development work provided by JMMCO is WordPress based.

Business Development Consulting & Project Management

The mission of the J. Martin Marketing Co. is to help businesses create genuinely valuable and profitable relationships with those they serve. To accomplish this mission, the J. Martin Marketing Co. partners with clients and teams of professionals including business development, marketing, financial, legal, design and development professionals to develop a cadre of resources for developing value focused businesses that are profitable.

From startup to operations, process and communication, client’s are provided broad support for developing effective business solutions.  A step further, comprehensive project management is available to move goals from ideas into action and achievement.

The J. Martin Marketing (JMMCo) Company is a division of The Innovative Creative LLC.

Consulting and Project Management Services offered include for:

  • Startup and Business Planning

  • Brand Development

  • Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing Strategy

  • Web Technologies

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