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I am a Storyteller and whether you are writing a book or building a business empire you have a story to be told.

We are all telling stories. Some of them are big and complex.  Some are small and simple.  Some are true. Some are not.  Some aren’t meant to be.  Sometimes we choose to be a part of the stories told by others and sometimes we just tell our own.  Sometimes the stories that need to be told the most go untold, unheard.  Sometimes we need help to tell our stories. I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to help people tell the stories that matter to them.  I am a Storyteller.

Storytelling is both creative and professional.  It is the essence of all we do a species.

A huge part of my own story is helping others to tell theirs in meaningful and impactful ways.  For over a decade I have had the fortune to choose among numerous highly creative and lucrative opportunities to tell a vastly diverse catalog of stories in business, the arts and intimately personal contexts.  My background is equal part Management; Business Development; Marketing and Brand Development; and Art and Design in Digital Media. I choose stories from throughout the range of my experience and skills, working with businesses, tastemakers, creative geniuses and others who value their stories and my ability to help tell them.

Artist, Web Designer, Business Consultant

Because people should do what they love. The rest is meant for someone else.

The definitive mark of success is quality. People who do what they love care more about real quality and the value of their work than people who are driven primarily by personal gain.  Many unworthy companies and projects create high revenue.  Revenue without quality is a scam.  Telemarketing, relentlessly wasteful direct mail, snake oil, products and services that prey on the vain or desperate: These are unworthy.  My work is an opportunity to support individuals and businesses alike to do the things they love. to earn a quality living, help others, help themselves and to bring value to their communities and the world with their skills and passions. When the goal is quality and real value, success is inevitable.

Artist, Web Designer, Business Consultant

You’ve spent your entire life creating your story.  It’s time to share it with the world.

Maybe you’re writing a book.  Maybe you are opening a restaurant. Maybe you’re a mechanic and your shop keeps other’s stories happening and has a tale all of its own.  You believe your story is worth telling.  You can’t imagine not telling it.  You’ve probably realized that there is a lot more to telling a story well than you ever imagined.  Maybe you’ve found that it is virtually impossible to be the narrator and the main character and all the supporting characters all at once without sacrificing quality and you refuse to sacrifice quality.